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California Gothic and Lolita
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this community is for fans of Gothic and Lolita styles living in, or visiting California

x. no selling posts, unless you are located in california and selling ONLY lolita merchandise. No you may not post those raver pants along with your BTSSB jsk. ALL SELLING POSTS MUST BE COMPLETELY BEHIND AN LJ-CUT, PICTURES, INFO, EVERYTHING

x. no community advertising, unless it is INCLUDED in a relevant post

x. as with most LJ communities, if you post more than one picture put the rest behind an lj-cut. The picture should not exceed 500x500

x. keep posts related to California Lolita meets or area specific

What is acceptable: "Where are good places to buy [x] near Los Angeles?
What is not: "Do you think this [x] looks okay?"

egl has a fine master list of communities that would be better suited for posts unrelated to California events located [HERE]

*Breaking any of these fantastic rules results in a deletion of the post, and if you persist, a ban! Thanks!

____________[useful links]
x. if you are a newbie use this [form] and make a new post!

x. a calendar of all egl related events can be found at the bottom, as well as [here]

____________[other communities to check out]
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x. ca_fruits
x. la_loligoth
x. sandiego_lolita
x. cencal_loli

x. graphics obscene_doll
x. coding bathroom_ninja

please be a doll and advertise ca_egl



Sacramento Valentine's Meetup
[organizer] musouka_ningyou
[date] 20 Feb 2010
[time] 12:30 (tour at 1:00)
[location] Meeting at the west steps of the Capitol building (the side closest to 10th St.), shopping and snacks/coffee in either Old Sac or Midtown afterward
[cost, if any] Free admission, extra money for parking, snacks/shopping afterward
[original post]Located [here]


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