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SF/Bay Area: Great America Meetup Poll


Thanks for responding to the previous post about the possibility of meeting at Great America. I think we have enough interest to have a meetup =].

There's a lot of things to do at Great America. We all may have different interests in how we want to spend our time; so, even though this is a group meetup, not everyone should have to stick to one big group and do all of the same things together. As you guys are paying for your tickets, I want to make sure that you're having fun ^^.

Also, even though some may want to split into groups and do different things, it'd still be cool to spend time together as one big group. Would you guys be down with meeting before and/or after Great America to get some food/drinks?

I would also like to note that ...yes, this is a lolita meetup, but if theme parks aren't really your thing, then please don't feel obligated to attend <3! We're a pretty active lolita group, so there will be plenty of fun meetups in the near future.

For clothing, since this is a lolita meetup, wearing something lolita related is highly encouraged. This can range anything from casual lolita, an outfit that has some lolita aspect to it (like seen on daily_ala_mode), or a boy style (ex: dandy). I don't recommend going in a full out lolita ensemble, as we'll be in the sun all day and we'll be walking around quite a bit.

I also decided not to shoot for end of July, as there are already quite a few events/activities going on in that month, including 4th of July...gotta spread out the summer fun =D.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, the poll is below (please only take the poll if you're interested in attending):

Poll #1582378 Santa Clara Great America meetup

What weekend works best for you?

August 7-8, 2010
August 14-15, 2010
Either weekend will work =)
Neither =(

What day do you prefer? (if both are ok, check both boxes)

Neither =(

What would you be interested in doing at Great America? (feel free to check more than 1 box)

Thrill/Family Rides (Rollercoasters)
Boomerang Bay (Water park)
Other (please comment)

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